Who We Are?

Established in 2014, BrightPathLoans is a network of top local real estate lenders delivering the best rates and terms for every real estate lending product. We are dedicated to empowering real estate investors to leverage their assets and complete real estate transactions. With over a decade of experience, our network of top local real estate lenders offer Hard Money, DSCR, Long Term Rental Loans, Short Term Rental Loan, Fix-n-Flip Loans, and Ground-Up Loans that are flexible enough to allow investors of all experience levels to generate profit.

At BrightPathLoans, our high percentage of approved private money applicants shows our commitment to growing the entire real estate investment ecosystem, helping small and large investors alike. The numbers don't lie: with over 98% satisfaction from our investor clients, 100s of millions of dollars lent, and a 63% rate of customers with three or more transactions, we have delivered on our mission to provide exceptional private mortgage lending services. We welcome you to consider and try BrightPathLoans as your go-to partner in your real estate investment journey. Call us today to explore our many real estate lending options.

What Makes Us Different

  • Competitive Rates: Benefit from rates lower than industry standards. We have rates as low as 5.95% with strong credit, asset value, and/or potential for cash flow. Our low interest rates will save you tens of thousands in the first few years of your loan term.
  • Efficient Approval : Our lenders maintain a 45% lower loan processing time compared to traditional lenders, ensuring you're able to capitalize on opportunities as soon as possible.
  • Flexible Terms : Our network of top lenders offer loans of up to $10 million, loan-to-value rates up to 92.5%, and flexible repayment terms from one to 30 years.
  • Non-QM Loan Options : At BrightPathLoans, our network of top local real estate lenders offer a wide range of non-QM loans that provide considerable leverage potential for income, which include Hard Money, DSCR Loans, Ground-Up Loans, Short Term Rental Loans, Long Term Rental Loans.
  • Competitive Rehab Financing : We recognize the potential for a high return on investment (ROI) for Fix-and-Flip and Ground-Ip projects, and this is why we connect you with the best fix-and-flip lenders who provide up to 100% Financing.
  • Fast Turnaround : After a simple application process, loan decisions are made quickly. Closing time occurs within five to 14 business days.
  • Client Support : This is what defines us. Pick up the phone and call us to see the BrightPathLoans difference. Our lenders are there for you before, during, and, most importantly, after the funding process.


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Why Choose BrightPathLoans

Choose us for our private mortgage lending excellence. Our superior lending network offers streamlined processes, competitive rates, and tailored solutions for your unique financial goals.


BrightPathLoans excels in the private mortgage sector, offering over a decade of experience and client satisfaction. Our track record of providing 1000s of loans through our superior lending network, for all levels of real estate investment funding, sets us apart from the rest.

Lowest Cost

BrightPathLoans leads with a commitment to affordability, providing real estate investment solutions with exceptionally low interest rates through our private money lending network. Our competitive rates set us apart, ensuring financial feasibility for our investor clients.

Hassle Free

At BrightPathLoans, our goal is to make sure the entire process of applying for and obtaining a loan is hassle-free. Our network of top local real estate lenders require minimal documentation and allow for quick closing timelines.

Some Words From Our investor clients

Our customers have put their trust in BrightPathLoans' private mortgage lending network to grow their real estate portfolio and passive income stream. Here’s what people are saying about us, from reviews of our select private mortage lenders transactions and their customer service.

“Securing a DSCR loan with BrightPathLoans' marketplace was a game-changer. One of their experienced lenders delivered a DSCR ratio of 1.3, surpassing expectations. This stability resulted in a 22% increase in my property's cash flow, a testament to their commitment to financial success.”

Melody Gonzolez

“In the fast-paced world of real estate, BrightPathLoans' private mortgage lending network stood out with an 98% approval rate on hard money loans. The efficiency didn't stop there; funding within a week with an experienced and seasoned hard money lender gave me a competitive edge, enabling me to close a lucrative deal.”

Lindsey Hsiao

“BrightPathLoans short-term rental, private money lending marketplace, maximized my profitability. With a tailored solution, I experienced a remarkable 25% increase in net income from my vacation properties. Financing they provided through their lending network truly aligns with the unique demands of the short-term rental market.”

Marcus Masterson

“Transitioning to long-term rentals with one of BrightPathLoans private money lenders low-interest, long-term rental loans was a wise move. The 4% interest rate contributed to a 17% boost in annual profits, outperforming my previous lender. The financing that we received was a strategic choice for long-term success.”

Bethany Clarington

“BrightPathLoans' marketplace of top lenders provides transparent communication which is unparalleled. No surprises, no hidden fees – just clarity. This commitment resulted in a 99% customer satisfaction rate. The honesty we received through their lenders built trust, making them my go-to real estate lending marketplace.”

Jenny Devonshire

“As an investor, flexibility is crucial. BrightPathLoans diverse options through their vast network of top lenders met my unique needs. A tailored approach, especially with DSCR loans, increased my property's stability, leading to a 20% boost in ROI. The lender we worked with understood the intricacies of real estate financing.”

Loren Peterson

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