About BrightPathLoans

Established in 2014, BrightPathLoans is a network of top local real estate lenders with best rates and terms for every real estate lending product. We've done the heavy-lifting for you -- NO need to scour the entire Internet for top lenders and contact them one-at-a-time, anymore. We are dedicated to empowering real estate investors to leverage their assets and complete real estate transactions. With over a decade of experience, our team of top local real estate lenders can provide Hard Money, DSCR, Long Term Rental Loans, Short Term Rental Loan, Fix-n-Flip Loans, and Ground-Up Loans that are flexible enough to allow investors of all experience levels to generate profit.
Since 2014, we have worked with real estate investors and have executed tens of thousands of transactions in the non-QM loan space. As we have grown, so too have our investment loan offerings. Today, we are one of the country’s largest real estate investment marketplaces for both single real estate investors to larger firms. Our customers come to us for their hard money and DSCR Loan needs. We take every opportunity to help strengthen real estate investors by being a resource they can trust.
We've been finding creative loan solutions for private money borrowers for over a decade. Our application process is simple, fast, and devoid of the strict requirements that come with a standard bank loan. If you’re looking for private loans for investment properties, we can help.

BrightPathLoans Non-QM Loans

Our network of top local real estate lenders offer Hard Money, DSCR, Ground-Up, Fix-and-Flip, Short Term Rental, and Long Term Rental loans, all at the best rates and terms available.
A hard money loan is a short-term financing solution that's secured by real estate. BrightPathLoans offers quick approval with an 85% success rate, making us ideal for time-sensitive real estate opportunities.
Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans assess a property's ability to cover debt obligations. BrightPathLoans maintains a robust DSCR ratio of 1.25 or higher, ensuring financial stability.
Ground-up loans fund new construction projects from inception. BrightPathLoans boasts a 90% success rate in financing diverse ground-up ventures.
Fix and flip loans provide financing for property renovations aimed at resale. BrightPathLoans ensures efficient funding with competitive rates, facilitating profitable real estate flips.
Short-term rental loans are designed for vacation property owners, maximizing profitability. The tailored solutions available through BrightPathLoans result in a notable 20% increase in net income for clients.

Rates and Fees

BrightPathLoans real estate lending network offers the best rates and terms, potentially saving clients over 100s of thousands of dollars in the first few years.
Rates are personalized based on individual financial profiles, ensuring fair and tailored solutions with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.
There are no hidden fees when you do business with us. BrightPathLoans prioritizes transparency, contributing to a 99% customer retention rate. We build trust through clear and honest communication.
Operating efficiently results in a 20% reduction in processing time, minimizing overhead costs. This efficiency contributes to competitive rates and fees for our clients.

Application Process

Typically, we only require basic information about you and your real estate investment history, credit score, etc. to start the application. We keep your information secure and private. We don’t sell your information or the fact that you’ve applied for a loan to other lenders without your consent.
Apply in 3 Easy Steps. 1) Simply fill out our online application form with basic information about you or your real estate investment company. 2) Upload a few documents related to investment experience and real estate properties online. 3) Receive your special real estate loan offer, after which you will have your funds deposited in a few short days.
You’ll be assigned your own personal account manager who will work to understand your goals, explain your options, walk you through our process, and find the best terms to suit your needs.
No. There’s no application fee or obligation to accept a loan offer.
We know that a credit score isn’t the only indicator of a healthy business, so we evaluate several other factors when considering a loan application. Along with real-time cash flow from other properties, we also consider potential revenue streams from rentals.